The Benefits of Air Purifiers with Hospital Grade Filtration

One of the most important tasks for property owners & building managers is to ensure the highest air quality.

It is even more important in enclosed spaces where ventilation is limited, such as in offices and of course in hospitals, where airborne diseases thrive in poor air quality that is not well maintained.

Without proper air filtration facilities, unwanted particles that could cause various illnesses will accumulate to a point that it is increasingly harmful. This makes air filters with a hospital grade HEPA filter invaluable.

What is a HEPA filter?

Also known as High Efficiency Particulate Air filter, it is the most efficient and best quality filter that you can use to remove unwanted particles in enclosed spaces. These filters are subjected to strict requirements that are government mandated prior to release or shipment to customers for use.

Therefore, most of HEPA filters are medical grade—meaning it is strong enough to be used in hospitals where strict hygiene and cleanliness are observed.

Below are some of its key characteristics:

It removes and cleans the air that is filled with allergens, bacteria, germs, and other particulates that are dangerous to human health.
These filters capture almost 100% of all particulates that are larger than 0.3 microns, meaning that most allergens and airborne virus (such as the common influenza) can be filtered through this special filter that will promote further air purification.

It can filter out contaminants in endogenous sources such as the ones that are carried through the air by personnel from the outside that are stuck on clothing, fresh fruits, and even packaging.

While there are several types of HEPA filters available in the market, the medical grade variants are known to be universally equipped to filter out unnecessary contaminants in the air.

These air purifiers, using medical grade HEPA filters, will help in promoting air quality in establishments such as hospitals and even offices. It is strongly recommended that these should also be used in households as well.

To learn more about air purity and HEPA filters, please do not hesitate to contact us; we will be glad to assist you.

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