Clean Filters, Clean Air, Clean Planet

Every human living on this planet is conscious of the things around them. 

Who would not want to live a full life and breathe fresh air constantly? 

When it comes to air filters, we generally just replace them with new filters, as we are advised to by manufacturers that they can’t be cleaned or they do not recommend cleaning of filters. 

But do you know that you can usually use your Air Filter more than once without wasting your time and money. 

Filter Cleaning is not only good for your employees. It makes air, fresh to breathe and equipment operate better. It also saves you lots of money!

For an employee or end user, this also shows that you’re a responsible person / company and not only take care of your staff, but also the world that we live in.

Why should you clean your filter instead of just replacing it?

Life of Filter 

Filter cleaning multiplies the efficiency of the filter and ensures clean and fresh air to breathe. This also reduces the expense of installing a new filter every time. 

Dirty and clogged air filters also put stress on the air handling units’’ increases energy consumption and this increases the burden on the environment. 

The cleaning of the filter increases the life span of the filter and cleans the air longer than expected.

We provide the best filter cleaning techniques at Filtration Solutions Limited. We have top experts and tools equipped with years of experience. 


Air that we breathe is the essential to life. 

Imagine what poor quality air will do to your lungs. Inhaling unclean and unhealthy air is equal to smoking. 

Polluted air will also cause direct damage to your eyes, lungs, and other parts of our bodies. 

It has a direct effect on the respiratory system and can even make us old prematurely. Nobody wants to live weak, and unhealthily. 

We aim to provide New Zealand with the best air quality, by reducing Air Filter replacements. 

We have the vision to keep New Zealand dust-free and also the Earth, clean and green.

Avoid Replacement costs

Replacing a new filter will increase the operating costs of your plant or factory. This not only requires manufacturing of a new filter, but also leads to more waste in the landfills, causing permanent harm to the soil. 

We can assist in your effort to lower the waste put on our planet by applying cleaning strategies and techniques.

Clean and Green planet

The world we live in has offered us many treasures. 

We can hardly pay it back, but we can play our part by adopting more ways to keep it green and liveable for our generations to come. 

We must consider trees, fields, landscapes, wildlife, oceans, and us humans as well. 

We have the responsibility of enjoying nature and follow the ways to keep it in the best form. 

“The aim of cleaning is not to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.” (Marie Condo)

 3R Strategy: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


Lower the risk of damage and lower operational / energy costs 

Longer filter life provides time-saving 

Reduction in waste adds to sustainability and a cleaner environment 

Efficiencies in safety, money, energy and Time 


Reusing Air Filter products is the best possible solution to lower the burden on manufacturers. 

This will also maintain a balance in the environment. 


This is one of the best ways to lower the waste content thrown out. 

Filtration Solutions Limited aim to keep New Zealand clean and we are committed to finding as many ways to keep our surroundings and environment as clean as possible. 

There must be a sense of urgency on concerns about our planet. 

We here at Filtration Solutions Limited, are running with the mission to guide people not to throw plastic wastes. 

To save our planet from the harmful effects of hydrocarbons, we all have to commit to cleaning. 

Most of the time, companies are putting plastic into landfills or incineration plants. Incineration may reduce the volume of the waste but at the same time, this causes irreversible loss to the air, in New Zealand and Earth. 

This may render our planet not-worth living for our generations. 

We need to stop it together.

“Live Clean, Live Smart, Right from the start” 

Next time before you plan to replace your filter, try cleaning it, at least once.

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