Cleaning Filters... Yes or No?

There is an increasing number of companies who are looking for ways to reduce maintenance costs and carbon footprints.

We are asked often to clean Industrial and Commercial filters. 

As much as we would like to say yes, there are solid reasons why we do not want to compromise the structure of the filter material (media).

What filter types can be cleaned?

Insect Filters? YES 

Primary Filter? YES (this depends on the media)

Secondary Filter? (Pocket or Bag) NO

Compact? NO

HEPA filter? NO

Cleaning Filters | Filtration Solutions

Top reasons why people consider filter cleaning

  1. Perceived lower cost versus new replacement.
  2. Lower waste disposal costs. 
  3. So employees know you care about their wellbeing. 
  4. To reduce your carbon footprint and lower stress on natural resources. 
  5. Add to your company’s sustainability efforts.
  6. Keep viable filters out of the landfill and reduce pollution. 
  7. Employees and customers will see you as good ambassadors of our environment.

Filter cleaning process

Filtration Solutions Ltd filter cleaning process is based on your specific filter materials. 

We are NOT controlled by any manufacturer and will offer advice based on what is in the best interests of your company. We also encourage clients to look at the viability of using alternative natural filter materials. 

Here’s a photo representing one of the reasons why we are trying to help saving the environment in New Zealand. 

This is one of my  nephew’s, Theo, cutting it up in crystal clear waters in New Zealand. 

We should always look at ways to protect our environment for future generations to enjoy. 


  • Food processing equipment
  • Flexible Connections
  • Ventilation – HVAC, AHU’s, FCU’s, Fans, Ducts
  • Industrial, Agricultural and Earthmoving equipment
  • Dust collectors / Dust Extraction systems
  • Blower & Vacuum pump intake filters
  • CNC’s 
  • Powdercoating filters
  • Intake filters for Air Compressors & Generators
  • Wall filters for Air Compressor Rooms
Surfing in Crystal Clear waters

Filter Cleaning Products

There is an extensive range of filtration cleaning products available in New Zealand.

Please check that the products you use for any filter cleaning are environmentally friendly.

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