Compact Filters

Compact Filters, aka Compact Pleated Filters are very fine filters and the frames or surrounds are usually made from ABS, Plastic moulded, or in some cases Stainless or Galvanised Steel.

Filter Media can be Glass Fibre, Synthetic, Activated Carbon, possibly Mini Pleat structure. Most have water resistant media and excellent water drainage qualities.

Full size and Half size (dimensions will vary depending on specifications). A gasket is usually used to reduce filter bypass.

Applications include Hospitals / HVAC / AHU’s / Food and Beverages / Pharmaceuticals / Clean Rooms / Semi-Conductors / Power Generation / Medical facilities / Automotive and Aircraft.

Compact-Filters - Filtration Solutions

Some Benefits Of Using Compact Filters

  • Large filter area
  • Unique construction
  • Very high dust retention
  • Long filter lifetime
  • Low energy consumption
  • Corrosion free
  • Easy installation
  • High airflow rates
  • High-performance media
  • High dust holding
  • High surface area
  • Lower resistance throughout their lifetime.
  • Temperatures generally up to 70°C and 95% RH.