Customised Service Agreements

Saving time saves money!

Use our experienced specialists and getting on board with a Customised Service Agreement.

You can extend the life of your filtration equipment and get on with your own core business. 

Let us take care of your filtration and other equipment to ensure everything keeps running smoothly.

Regular preventative maintenance tasks may include:
  1. Basic or comprehensive equipment servicing.
  2. Dismantling & inspection of internal or external surfaces.
  3. Inspecting gaskets and seals.
  4. Replacement of filter elements.
  5. Recommended spare parts list.
  6. Check any differential pressure gauges.
  7. Inspection of control panel & low voltage wiring.
  8. Inspect fan motors and drive systems for noise and wear.
  9. Check louvers / actuators / corrosion affected areas.
  10. Check and reassemble any associated drainage systems.
DC being serviced - Filtration Solutions NZ

CSL – Do you have a critical spares list?