Dust Collector Market In New Zealand

Dust Collector Filtration Solutions New Zealand

In New Zealand, growth can be mainly attributed to increases in industrial manufacturing, infrastructure development and of course the influence of global economic activity.

This growing market will see the need for quality products to be supplied at competitive prices in larger quantities as years go by.

Dust Collectors can be located internally or externally and help by eradicating dust particles and contaminants to achieve a more hygienic environment. This is essential in many sectors within New Zealand, not just Industrial.

Dairy, associated milk products, infant powder, Food and Beverage manufacturers would probably account for a large market share increase recently. This will be mainly due to the need to maintain a high level of quality control in Clean Room premises or consumable products.

Government regulation for emission control will be further regulated to monitor and control, or limit the polluted air from the source. These hazardous air pollutants are emitted from various industries, not just industrial sites. Regulations will increase the use of industrial dust collectors to limit emissions and will therefore boost the demand of dust collectors.

Companies engaged in developing filter based technologies to reduce emissions include filter media such as Cellulose, Polyester, Synthetic, Coated, Non-Woven Cartridges along with woven and non-woven filter media.

The adoption of dust collectors in food & beverage industries has also increased due to rising health concerns among consumers.

Preferences for packaged food for local and export markets are also worth noting. It will also be interesting to see what happens with the international demands for less plastic and the waste trends that can affect sustainability.

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