How to lower your Airless Sprayer maintenance costs

We all love the environment we live in and our beautiful planet earth. At the same time, we want our equipment to work perfectly and without a hiccup.

With Airless Sprayers, there are ways to reduce maintenance costs that are very simple to put in place. Scary, but over 90% of my new clients arrive at my workshop as a result of neglecting the cleaning of their equipment or performing basic checks before spraying.

Often this project has been interrupted by sudden equipment failure. More often than not, there is an embarrassed operator apologising for the delay to a new or regular client.

An urgent repair also causes increased stress levels (for both parties) and results in a need for an “URGENT” repair and possibly higher costs. Instead of this, all we have to do is to bust the misconceptions about airless sprayer cleaning.

Most airless sprayer manufacturers advise servicing and cleaning equipment at certain times or intervals. This is based on many years of research & development which contributes to your sprayer’s reputation for being robust and reliable in most applications.

Is this the best thing to do? Or are there any better options? Let’s examine this further….

Misconceptions 01: All filters must be replaced

Generally speaking, there are two main types of filters: disposable and washable.

By cleaning the rock Cather (inlet strainer), HP manifold filter and gun filter, you can maintain a high level of efficiency from your equipment with considerably less cost. There is also less strain on the internal parts of the sprayer motor / gearbox etc…

Bear in mind you must be using the correct packing / lubrication oil also. When did you last check the oil tank level or cup level?

Misconceptions 02: Airless Sprayers don’t need to be cleaned

Some types of sprayers can indeed remain in good condition after their manufacturer-specific service limit expires.

In such cases, the equipment should be expertly cleaned and inspected to reduce wear and tear so the sprayer continues to perform well. It is not recommended to service your airless sprayer yourself. Leave it to us, as trained and qualified engineers. Put politely, would we teach you how to paint?

Misconceptions 03: Cleaning takes too much time 

It is common for people to ignore maintenance, and in many cases, airless sprayers are left uncleaned for long periods of time.

Like your car / van’s radiator fluid, there are liquid’s designed to protect all internal parts made from different materials along with seats, springs, balls, valves etc… 

Storage techniques and pump protection fluids should be used especially when equipment will not be used for a while E.g. Weekends, Xmas and New Year’s holiday breaks.

Misconceptions 04: Filters will trap all sixes of particles

Many people think that the sprayer’s filters can trap harmful particles. This is partially true but are you screening or filtering the paint into the fresh pale you are using? Are there many chunks and clumps of paint debris that fall into the mix from the rim of the pale?

Most air filters are designed to do one specific task in an Airless Sprayer.

Cleaning is essential in keeping your asset protected and giving you lower maintenance savings.

Call Chris at Filtration Solutions Ltd on 0211637181 to check your Airless Sprayer equipment and then propose the most effective solutions available to you.

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