Misconceptions of Air Filter Cleaning

Old Filters That Can Be Cleaned

We all love the environment we live in and our beautiful planet earth. At the same time, we want our equipment to work perfectly and without a hiccup.

When it comes to air filters we use in our homes and factories, there is a way to reduce waste and pollution caused by manufacturing new air filters. And we can do all this while saving money—instead of spending more money.

To achieve this, all we have to do is to bust the misconceptions about air filter cleaning.

Most air filter manufacturers advise replacing Air Filters after a certain time.

So I ask you politely… Is this the best thing to do? Or are there any better options?

Let’s examine this further….

Misconceptions 01: All Air Filters Must be Replaced

There are two main types of air filters: disposable and washable. Depending on your equipment, there might be washable air filters available. If so, you can have the same level of efficiency from your equipment with considerably less cost, and certainly a lot less strain on the environment.

The easiest way to find out the best option is to call Filtration Solutions Ltd experts the next time you need to change the air filter in your home, office, or factory.

Our experts will first analyse your equipment and then propose the most environment-friendly solutions available today.

Misconceptions 02: Disposable Air Filters Shouldn’t be Cleaned

Many disposable air filters remain in good condition after their manufacturer-specific limit expires.

In such cases, the air filter could be expertly cleaned and continue to work perfectly well.

However, the condition of the air filter must be professionally analysed. Thus, it is not recommended to clean your disposable air filters yourself.

Instead, feel free to call Filtration Solutions Ltd and let our air filtration experts help you make the right decision.

Misconceptions 03: You Can Defer Cleaning of a Dirty Air Filter 

It is common for people to ignore air filter maintenance, and in many cases, air filters are left unmaintained for long periods of time.

This not only reduces the protection air filter provide for you and your equipment but also puts great strain on the equipment and decreases its efficiency resulting in more power consumption.

Maintaining your air filter protects you, your equipment, and reduces that extra load on your power bills.

Misconceptions 04: All Air Filters Trap Particles and Odours

Many people think that the same air filter can trap harmful particles and odours at the same time. It is usually not true. Most air filters are designed to do one specific task at a time.

If an air filter is designed to trap particles, it is usually not effective in preventing odours. If you are trying to have fresh air in your home, office, or factory, give our experts a call and they will propose the most suitable air filtration solution for your specific needs.

Just by a little awareness and effort, we can play our part in protecting our environment.

And remember, environment-friendly air filtration solutions can mean ongoing savings too.

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