Pocket Bag

Pocket Bags (Galvanized steel or aluminum frame) up to 8 pockets of micro glass or synthetic media. Not rigid, can collapse under high airflow so best installed vertically. Some pocket seams are ultrasonically sealed, as opposed to sewn. This prevents tearing and leakage. Many types for various flowrates and efficiencies.

Rigid Pocket Filters (High-loft synthetic media) stay rigid, do not collapse. Plastic frame stops possible corrosion. Remove dust, fine particles and have very high-dust holding capacity.

Selection – Use non-shedding fibres that resist moisture and chemicals, so resistant to bacterial growth. PU frames ensure a leak-proof bonding of pockets to header and eliminate corrosion. Look for low pressure drop and high efficiency levels. Should stay self-supported & rigid in air stream, withstand humidity & turbulence.

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