All heating systems are warmed up by an electric heating element, which is located inside the hose, directly in the paint flow. The paint material is heated to the required temperature uniformly along the whole length of the hose (smoothly regulated from 20 to 60 C). This leads to a drop in the viscosity and thus an improvement in the application of paint material. Due to be heated up in the heating hose the coating materials are always at the ideal working temperature – regardless of seasonal temperature fluctuations!

  • Ideal for any painting and undercoating jobs
  • Easily adapted to all Airless units

To make coating materials sprayable they usually have to be diluted. Thanks to the heating hose system not only can the solvents be reduced but also the applied film thicknesses can be increased. These are only a few advantages that show these innovative systems.

  • Constant paint temperature even at low outside temperatures.
  • Considerably better working of high viscosity coating materials.
  • Increase in the atomisation quality.
  • Excellent edge coverage.
  • Increase in the flow characteristics.
  • Paint savings due to minimised overspray.
  • Lower equipment wear since a lower material pressure is needed.