Secondary Filtration

Pocket Filters

Often used as a prefilter or a “fine filter” in air conditioning systems such as Air Handling Units. Filter media generally polymer and glass fibres, usually assembled in plastic, steel or aluminium frames depending on strength required. Generally speaking full size frames are around 595 mm W x 595 mm H x 600 mm deep Many are also available also in half size. Number of pockets can vary, generally 6. Generally available in filter classes ISO Coarse, ePM10, ePM2.5, ePM1 (G3 to G9)

Applications: HEVAC / AHU / Hospitals/ Pharmaceutical / Food Manufacturing

Pocket Filters - Secondary Filtration

Some Benefits

  • Large filter area
  • Unique construction
  • Very high dust retention
  • Long filter lifetime
  • Low energy consumption
  • Corrosion free
  • Easy installation
  • High airflow rates
  • High-performance media
  • High dust holding
  • High surface area
  • Lower resistance throughout their lifetime.
  • Temperatures generally up to 70°C and 95% RH.