Tailing Solutions with Airless Sprayers

Tailing Solutions with Airless Sprayers:

Are you experiencing tailing issues while using airless sprayers?

Tailing usually occurs when the paint is too thick and you’re trying to push that paint through the incorrect tip.

To avoid this, we recommend carrying out a spray test on a piece of cardboard before spraying to ensure your spray is even. If the spray pattern is unsatisfactory, you can easily adjust the spray pattern by following these steps:

1. Check the Technical Data Sheet from the paint manufacturer to determine what tip you should be using.
2. If the material is too thick, try thinning or diluting it using the appropriate thinning solutions. The viscosity is crucial for the material’s spraying properties.
3. Check the pressure setting and increase it to achieve a more even spray pattern.
4. If the pressure is too low, slowly increase it while spraying.
5. The tip size is another factor that influences the spray pattern and depends on the material being used.
6. Consider the age and usage of the tip, which may need to be replaced.
7. If the spray tip is clogged, simply clean and clear it. Many tips are reversible to easily clear blockages.
8. Check the pump inlet filter and HP manifold filter, as sometimes these can be clogged.
9. Check the spray gun filter and clean it regularly.
10. Always keep extra gun filters, tip cleaner, pump protection fluid packing oil, and a selection of new tips in your tool box.

Once you’ve corrected the spray pattern and achieved a smooth pattern, we recommend using a 50% overlap. Remember, before spraying, always carry out a spray test on a piece of cardboard to ensure your spray is even.

Tailing can be fixed easily for a superior paint finish

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